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Rick Lawrence
Oklahoma City, OK
Freelance Programmer - Guitar Wrastler - Hack
This site is a constant ongoing project, an excuse and a reason to write code. Its all hand coded in notepad and recently rebuilt again, using newer technologies and improved techniques. It has a new responsive design, and should view on most devices, however, i usually code and test it using only the latest versions of Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Whether it views properly in other browsers is unknown. It is designed for desktop first, (which i now know is backwards) then adjusted, and trimmed, for mobile, so if you are viewing it on your phone, you are missing out on some content.
The main reason for this website is to share my Music projects. I play all the guitar parts, and do all of the composition, recording, mixing, mastering, and drum arrangement, on these songs in my very humble home studio. The drums are made from beats and loops i have collected on the web over time. My projects are all experiments, once the first riff or two are recorded, they seem to come alive, and i start to hear what the song wants to be. All my projects are instrumental, in various shades of rock.. some is heavy, and some is not so heavy. I like to explore all parts of the spectrum. Occasionally i will mix in other audio, but usually i like to keep it raw and organic. Hopefully anyone can find something they like.. it is a lot of fun making this stuff, i hope you enjoy listening to it. Check out the Guitars i use to make this stuff!
I will be adding more content to the Programming Section soon.. I have plenty of content and ideas. Most of it for now will be web development, but i also enjoy C++ and Java, so i might eventually add code in those languages too.

More Music and Code as it comes.. (If i would put down the guitar there would be more code)
There is more weird stuff on my Youtube Page.

All Content: Guitars, Music Composition, Web Design, Code etc. ©2010-2024 Rick Lawrence
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